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Help Friends teach the lessons of yesterday to unite the generations of tomorrow!

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Teaching the Lessons of Yesterday to Unite the Generations of Tomorrow

During World War II, America's sons and daughters, friends and neighbors – 16 million strong – fought on the battlefront to preserve freedom and civilization itself. At home, the entire nation united in a common purpose to support the troops and win the war. When peace came, more than 400,000 Americans had sacrificed their lives.

Unity, integrity, duty, humility, courage, and sacrifice – this is the legacy of World War II and the "Greatest Generation."

Unfortunately, today our country and our citizens have lost their way. They have forgotten the hard-fought lessons of our WWII generation. Every day we are inundated with messages and images of discord, dishonesty, and selfishness.

The Friends of the National World War II Memorial is working to renew and reinvigorate within each United States Citizen, but most especially our young people, the spirit of unity and shared purpose which defined the character of our country during the war years. We are accomplishing this by:

  • remembering, honoring, and thanking our Greatest Generation at ceremonies we host at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. throughout the year;
  • bringing teachers from around the nation to D.C. for an annual teachers conference to learn about the every day men and women of the WWII generation;
  • facilitating community service initiatives across the country;
  • leading the effort to add FDR's D-Day Prayer, one of the largest mass prayers in history, to the WWII Memorial and to provide a contemplative space to remember the more than 400,00 American souls lost during WWII; and much more.

Please help us keep the legacy of World War II and our WWII generation alive in the hearts and minds of our current and future generations and to create the next Greatest Generation of tomorrow!

Friends is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Tax ID: 13-4358477.